“Well established reputation for her bulldogged determination

Sidney Splawn-Dolquist was personally recommended to me by one of Sidney’s previous clients who had thoroughly researched many options, and then had first hand experience as a client through a tough divorce. I have been very well represented, and well taken care of under Sidney’s care. One of her many attributes is that she does not waste time or money creating extra drama. Though she does have a keen eye for spotting possible issues and expressing them to the court in a manner that fortifies our concerns. Sidney also has a very good sense of timing. She knows when it would be useful or beneficial to raise a concern, and when it would just add to the useless and expensive drama.

My separation/divorce has been extremely difficult and stressful for me, due to many, many profoundly disturbing and horrific false accusations of every kind of abuse and neglect of my spouse and my child. Sidney has been very well grounded and level headed in her responses to these challenges. She has been invaluable in her ability to navigate all of the legal complexities while I’ve been under a terrible emotional load. It’s been very reassuring knowing that the proper institutions are being worked with, through the proper channels, and that the truth will come to the surface in the most efficient way possible. I have had other legal professionals tell me that Sidney Dolquist has a long and well established reputation for her bulldogged determination to keep things moving and to make sure that people get things done. And also for her fine craftsmanship in keeping her cases well organized, thoughtfully constructed, with the essential information in an easy to follow format.

Whether it was a simple and straightforward case, or a chaotic, painful and complicated case, I would highly recommend Sidney Splawn-Dolquist to anyone! (who I wasn’t in opposition to). – W.M.

“A powerhouse of knowledge and experience

I retained Sidney Dolquist in 2014 to represent me in a parenting plan. Ms. Dolquist went above and beyond to make sure that my wants and needs were met. She made it possible for my son to continue to attend church on the weekends which was a huge accomplishment on both our behalves. Ms. Dolquist is a powerhouse of knowledge and experience! I highly recommend her and will definitely be using her again.  – K.S.

“Sidney was always one step ahead”

Sidney has been my attorney for my divorce and I loved working with her. Sidney is a hard worker and I trust her sound advice. I was able to let go of worrying about my divorce because she was amazing at knowing exactly what needed to be done . Sidney was always one step ahead. I always recommend Sidney Dolquist if I know anyone who needs an attorney. – A.B.

“Helped me through a very tough time involving my kids”

Sidney Dolquist helped me through a very tough time involving my kids.  I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and knowledgeable attorney!  She is amazing… I recommend her to anyone in the need of a family law attorney. – J.H.

“Sidney has helped survivors and their children move toward safer, happier futures”

For the past two years, Sidney has generously given her time and expertise to support survivors of domestic violence. Through her partnership with SafeChoice and Clark County Volunteer Lawyers Program, Sidney has helped survivors and their children move toward  safer, happier futures. We are grateful for Sidney’s commitment to this community and to the victim-survivors of SafeChoice. – YWCA Clark County SafeChoice Program.