Representing you as your attorney 

As your attorney there are several ways I will be representing you. Depending on your situation, I may assist you in one or all of the following ways:

I can offer consultation and advice. This often includes assisting individuals who are not yet prepared to go to court but are learning their options and what to expect. Often consultations involve advising individuals who are representing themselves, reviewing pro se legal pleadings and making strategic and procedural suggestions.

I can represent you in fair and expert negotiations to resolve your legal problem. In an ideal world, legal disputes can be resolved through the negotiation process without going to court. After appearing in every county court house in the state of Washington, I have a good feel for what a court would find as a fair settlement and can often negotiate such a settlement without going to court. If possible, a negotiated fair and equitable settlement is preferable to “throwing the dice” in a crowded courtroom.

Finally, I can represent you in court as I am an experienced trial attorney. Most of my practice over the years has been in court arguing motions and at trial, both criminal and civil. I am comfortable in the courtroom as well as prepared and professional. I am also a tireless advocate behind the scenes gathering evidence, doing investigation and interviewing witnesses.