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Sidney Dolquist Divorce and Family Law AttorneyDolquist Law specializes in all aspects of divorce and family law as well as juvenile and criminal defense. Sidney Splawn Dolquist’s years of experience as a family law attorney, a prosecutor and a defense attorney bring a balance of assertiveness and compassion to your legal situation. Family law matters can be stressful and emotional, so it is important to have an attorney with a keen understanding of the law, a clear picture of your needs for the future and the ability to manage and minimize potentially volatile situations.

Divorce and Family Law

Whether you are beginning the divorce process, modifying existing divorce orders or establishing agreements between unmarried parents, Sidney will provide the highest level of legal representation and focus on the future you want. If you find yourself in a situation requiring juvenile and criminal defense, Sidney can provide the expertise you need to emerge with the best possible future.

Dolquist Law is conveniently located in downtown Yakima. Please call or email to schedule a consultation.