Mediation: Serving as a neutral Mediator

Mediation is very different from representation and, for many legal situations, can be utilized in place of contested litigation. I am a trained mediator who can provide effective mediation services for both parties. This means I do not represent either party as an attorney, but I act as a mediator to assist both parties in reaching agreed settlements. Mediation can be appropriate and effective for many legal situations such as divorce, developing parenting plans and dividing property and assets. I can serve as the mediator to help couples directly negotiate agreements in any of these situations. This can be particularly helpful in Yakima County where mediation is required before parties may proceed to trial, unless there has been domestic violence. Mediation can be an excellent option for people who want to work together to find efficient and common sense solutions to their disputes. Mediation often has advantages over parties being represented by opposing attorneys, such as:

  • Parties drive the decision-making and feel more in control of the process rather than feeling a court has made final decisions regarding their lives.
  • Expenses are reduced because less time is spent in court and costs are shared by both parties.

Couples facing divorce often face a compelling need to end uncertainty or chaos in their lives and mediation has the potential to move more quickly than traditional, multi-attorney representation. Mediation can happen at your pace instead of progressing in response to court calendars